Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 4 Updates June Competitive Feature Patch WvW – June 6th Improved LFG (M: Something no WvWer asked for or uses.) Shows 3 available squads/parties in UI on side of the screen. (M: Was annoying, as it popped up every time I used a waypoint, so turned it off almost immediately.) Making Skirmishes “Fun and Rewarding” … Continue reading Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 4

No Options for Guild Halls

Guild Wars 2 has been out for almost 5 years now and guilds/guild halls are still stale. I have many issues with guild halls, which can be read here, here and here, so why not write another? While the other articles are more focused on specific subjects, this is mostly a series of points I … Continue reading No Options for Guild Halls

WvW is Still Not Fixed

I’ve played WvW casually on/off in the past, enough to get to rank 196 before the update. I never invested my time there because it was barely fun, your only options to roam aimlessly on your own or with a zerg. The update peeked my interest, as there hasn’t been one in an extremely, extremely … Continue reading WvW is Still Not Fixed

Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 3   Show Notes Balance Patch (Only listing things I think are important) Elementalist Changes to Arcane Power majorly increased dps for condi (burn) Base healing for Rebound up 33%. Engineer Changes to various skills and traits has further made condi play more accessible. Turrets now overcharge as soon as they are deployed, allowing their … Continue reading Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 3

Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 2 We will no be discussing the contents of the recent expansion leaks in this podcast, we thought it best to do in a separate recording ,so people won't get spoiled. Just to play it safe, it will not be shared on the website, our Twitter or Tumblr. If you are interested in hearing out … Continue reading Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 2

Update Summary: May 2nd/Flashpoint

Updates 5th episode of the living story has released, Flashpoint. Story continues off previous episode's revelation that Lazarus the Dire, is in fact, an impostor. Begins with a visit to Rata Novus, leading to the newest map, Draconis Mons. New legendary torch, Flames of War. Legendary armour is now available. Runes and agony can be … Continue reading Update Summary: May 2nd/Flashpoint