A Look Into Tyria: Rata Pten

Northwest of Mt. Maelstrom, lies the ancient asura city of Rata Pten, built into the walls of Criterion Canyon. Little remains, only the husk of what was once a bustling city is left standing. Now, there are only spiders and remnants of the asura that once lived here. The Durmand Priory are currently excavating the ruins for relics they believe may be used against the Elder Dragons. Items excavated date all the way back to when Orr was still a thriving nation, before it sank into the Unending Ocean. The fact there was an asuran city above ground, prior to the rise of Primordus and the Destroyers, is an astounding find. What happened to the citizens that once occupied the area is still a mystery, but will hopefully be solved one day.


Due north of Rata Pten is a location deemed Cubular Fells. Inside houses an asuran structure of unknown function. The only way to traverse further into the complex is by scaling the floating cubes spread throughout the structure, though dozens of the cubes are equipped with primitive, but effective spike traps. Radiant magic is visible inside Cubular Fells, some coalesced into portals connected to one an other. Like Rata Pten, there are no remains of the asura once here to be found, it is as if they’d all run off or vanished out of thin air; perhaps we will one day discover the mysteries that surrounds this eerie place.

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