Wintersday Update 2016


  • Achievements: Daily and Festival
  • Games/Events: Dolyak Escort, Snowball Mayhem (PvP), Bell Choir, Winter Wonderland (JP), Toypocalypse
  • Items: Various Wintersday Gifts, Skins, Minis, etc.


General Update:

  • Continued attacks by the Shining Blade and their allies have lowered the health of some bandit bosses on bandit supply lines in Kryta.
  • Players who have completed the Living World Episode 3 storyline may now skip directly to the boss at the end of the Frozen Out instance by interacting with the Brazier of Heroic Deeds, which is located near the beginning of the instance.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players who are working on Eureka or Shooshadoo from unlocking the Legendary Inscription recipe. This recipe has also been added to Hobbs’s inventory for those who missed it.


Profession Changes:

Skills will now be balanced separately between open world/WvW and PvP. For the full list of changes please regard the wiki (will be linked below).


PvP/League Season 5:

  • Begins Tuesday, December 13, 2016.
  • Leagues have been reworked in order to facilitate better matchmaking, to give a more accurate indication of an individual’s skill level, and to be more rewarding.
  • Matchmaking will no longer factor in pips when creating matches and will instead focus more heavily on your matchmaking rating. This will increase the pool of eligible players that you can play against, thereby improving match quality and reducing queue times.
  • PvP Ranks are no longer capped at 80. This number will now increment on both the in-game HUD as well as the character-select screen.


Gem Store:

  • Various Wintersday based items.


Reference Link: Update Dec. 12, 2016


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