Making Gold Doing Wintersday Content


There are multiple ways to earn gold during Wintersday, the most consistent selling unopened gifts and selling the content of account bound gifts. The reason to sell unopened gifts is because of the chance of receiving a lower payout,  but there is the chance at a higher one, though it does generally averages out. Prices of items can fluctuate dramatically throughout the event, so it is in your best interest to hold out for higher prices. Only the Bell Choir and Winter Wonderland are listed because they are the games I participate in the most, so I do not have enough gathered information to form opinions on the other mini-games.

Easy Difficulty:

Bell Choir

The choir is listed as easy because it’s quick to pick-up and fairly consistent, if you can get the same position. The only downside is the lower turnout of gifts compared to some of the other mini-games.

  1. The bell choir can be a hit and miss, as it can be difficult to find a new instance and/or one that isn’t full.
  2. Once inside, quickly make a choice of position; high, mid or low; this will affect the notes you play, so attempt to get one you know best.

The rest is a matter of playing the notes, so this portion is to instruct those on how to play if they do not already know.

  1. Get into position and adjust camera to provide a top-down view of the ring.
  2. Place both hands on the number keys 1-4 and 6-9; prepare for notes.
  3. Do not hit the notes until they reach the inner platform you are standing on, otherwise you will fail to hit the note and take damage.
  4. In between songs, you can hit notes to regain any damage taken from last round, but be careful to stop before the next song begins.
  5. If booted from taking too much damage, wait for song to finish and reenter the ring.

High Difficulty:

Winter Wonderland

The Wintersday jumping puzzle is one of the hardest things from the event to learn, but it has one of the highest payouts of the mini-games, 10 gifts per full run, which takes less than 2 minutes to do, so up to 15+ runs can be completed every 30 minute session.

  1. Upon entering the jumping puzzle, three paths will be available that all end at a single point; it is best for beginners to attempt each path to completion and figure out which is best to learn, then stick to that path.
  2. It takes time to figure out the paths, practice and patience will decrease chances of failing, eventually leading to finding small shortcuts.
  3. At the mid-point, wait for the stairs of presents to appear and jump of the platform at the last second to minimize chances of falling short.
  4. Once at the top of the stairs, dodge just before passing the snowman to avoid getting blown off by it’s frost breath.
  5. Everything else is playing stop-and-go with the giant snowball until reaching the top and the chest.

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