Elder Dragons; History: Prior to 1325 AE

Despite the current rise of the Elder Dragons and the knowledge we have gained, little is about them. It is unknown how long they have been on Tyria; the oldest information that has been recovered is well over ten thousand years old, from the previous rising. Few races survived that period in history, most either went extinct or deep into hiding. In the last uprising the seers, mursaat, Forgotten, dwarves and jotun all stood against the Elder Dragons. In a last ditch effort to save what little magic was left, it was stored in bloodstones. The allied races believed this would have starved the dragons and it may have worked if not for the mursaat. The mursaat, not willing to give up their magic, devised a way to faze out of this world and save themselves. With only the four races left, they were unable to accomplish their goal.

As the Elder Dragons continued to decimate Tyria, the seers went to war with the mursaat for their betrayal and would eventually lose; few seers survived. The Forgotten would free Kralkatorrik’s champion, Glint, from its control. For their help, Glint hid what remained of the four races, until the dragons returned to their slumber. When all was done, the Forgotten faded into obscurity, the same would happen to the seers, while the dwarves began to rebuild in the mountains. Most despairing of all, the jotun broke out into multiple civil wars, destroying their culture and history.

Within the last few hundred years, Primordus, the Elder Dragon of fire began to stir. The asura, who had built their gate hub right on top of the dragon, believing it to be an ancient source of magic, were swiftly overrun by destroyers. They would ally with the dwarves, norn and humans to prevent it further harm. To slow Primordus’ awakening, the dwarves performed the Rite of the Great Dwarf and became stone to fight the destroyer forces; it is believed they still do so to this day. Decades later the deep sea dragon would awake, forcing the krait and quaggans from the ocean and onto the shores of Tyria. This activity too drove the karka to Southsun Cove.


Jormag’s rise in 1165 AE collapsed the mountains of the norther Shiverpeaks, creating an inland sea. The devastation forced surviving kodan to flee south, a fate the norn would soon follow. The norn, unwilling to give up fought against the Elder Dragon’s forces as long as they could, but not without cost. Many would die or fall to corruption before Asgeir Dragonrender seized one of the dragon’s teeth, then lead his people safely south, to what is now Hoelbrak.

Nearly fifty years after Jormag, Zhaitan would rise, bringing the sunken city of Arah with it. Much like the asura, the humans of Arah unwittingly built their civilization atop a dragon, thinking it to be a natural spot of innate magic. The city, sunk by its people around one hundred and fifty years prior, sprang from the depths. The sudden geological change created massive tidal waves, sweeping over coastal regions; the city of Lion’s Arch flooded over, while all contact between central Tyria and Cantha became cut off. Eventually, Cobiah Marriner would rebuild Lion’s Arch, creating the fortress of Claw Island to fend off naval attacks, which would be used to stop two major naval attacks on the city by undead forces.


Kralkatorrik, previously the most recent dragon to awake, flew south from the Blood Legion homelands some eight years ago in 1320 AE. At that same moment the guild, Destiny’s Edge, had tracked down Glint resolving to defeat her. The former dragon champion was instead able to convince the group to join her in stopping her former master before it became to powerful. Glint produced a large sliver, which had the ability to pierce the Elder Dragon’s hide. The plan was to use a device created by the asura, Snaff, to distract Kralkatorrik and drive it to the ground, where the charr, Rytlock Brimstone would drive the sliver into he dragon.

The plan to defeat Kralkatorrik before it could wreak havoc on Tyria nearly worked, but ultimately failed. As the dragon flew south, everything beneath it became corrupted and crystallized. All living things turned into branded, minions of the Elder Dragon. The branded quickly moved on Ebonhawk slaughtering charr and human alike. Worried, Queen Jennah used her mental link with Destiny’s Edge member, Logan Thackeray, to come to her aid. Instead of staying to help his comrades, he rushed away to save his queen. Down a crucial member, the guild still attempted their task. Regrettably, though Snaff was able to bring Kralkatorrik to the earth, he was ultimately slain by branded before Brimstone could kill the dragon. Glint was also killed and what remained of Destiny’s Edge disbanded. The Elder Dragon remained in the Crystal Desert, still injured by the offensive, the Brand it left in its wake still corrupts those who remain in or near it too long.

As past draws closer to present, so does our understanding of the Elder Dragons and how events would play out. Soon there would be major shift in the war on dragons. As significantly more information is available, history of the Elder Dragons between mid 1325 AE to late 1328 will have its own column to cover modern history.

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