Merchants of Kryta, Part 1 (Lion’s Arch, Divinity’s Reach)

There are quite a few sights to see in the human-centered region of Kryta. It holds a lot of history, but there’s still the unexpected to be found in non-standard merchant items, not to mention the merchants themselves. We sent a correspondent out to get the full story on them.

Lion’s Arch

Gulveig the Grim

Area: Western Ward

Items: Flask of Blood Whiskey, Flask of Firewater


This norn doesn’t say much, nor do any of her merchant cohorts. Only Naima Ice-Veined and Bort the Bloodless can speak of their situation. Due to the events of the Living World, season one, their business failed and they now operate semi-illegally, subject to shutdown by a “certain someone” when they stop paying “taxes,” which they see more as bribes. Sources have not yet confirmed, but Naima Ice-Veined strongly suggests that this “someone” is Minister Caudecus.


Area: Western Ward

Items: Seared Beef Steak, Loaf of Traveler’s Bread


“People love the simplicity. Whether you’re getting on a ship or getting off, you’re rarely going to reject a nice steak with some bread. It’s also the perfect thing to get in your stomach after a night of one too many Flasks of Blood Whiskey or Firewater from those refugees or the shady skritt characters you see inland.”

Divinity’s Reach

Jaakan the Butcher

Area: Balthazar High Road

Items: Strip of Venison Jerky, Poached Salmon Filet.


“People are surprised when they see me. They think Jaakan is the blond woman next to me.”

Reporter: “I doubt that’s a significant mistake to make.”


Area: Eastern Commons

Items: Bowl of Kappa Soup, Red Bean Cake, Rice Ball


“Why do I stand in the dark, knee-deep in hay, hidden in a barn, just to sell these foods? Because I care about keeping the culture of Cantha alive. No one remembers. Few people care. I care. I never leave this barn. I’ve perhaps sold three red bean cakes today, and that means it’s been a good day. I could sell out on the street, but they don’t want me to draw attention to myself, and therefore draw attention to Cantha’s absence. Why? And why do I continue? Why do I never leave this barn? Well…you’d do the same if you had my kids.”


Area: Ossan Quarter

Items: Curry Bun, Bowl of Skalefin Soup, Jar of Juniberry Jam.


Lakhi is one of three merchants in the Ossan Quarter who sells these items. It’s unknown whether these items also originate from Cantha.

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