Super Adventure Box 2017

It’s April, which means the Super Adventure Box has made its return. SAB is probably the most anticipated of all the major holiday events in the game. In years past, when the event wasn’t re-released, chanting and shouting and rioting would take place in Rata Sum. Thankfully, the devs since decided to release SAB every year, so the rowdiness this year was kept to a minimum.

This year’s release happened live, without the need to logout/login; balloon and a fancy light show suddenly appeared when the event started. Little has changed since last year. The super weapon set now has a red recolour and several SAB related items have hit the gem store. There are also additional SAB  related guild decorations. Sadly, there are no new worlds added, so players will have to contend with worlds one and two. Event runs until the 20th, so be sure to get your fill before it’s over.


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