Merchants of Kryta, Part 2 (Queensdale, Kessex Hills)

Our reporter returns to the field to assess the non-standard vendors of Kryta, slowly leaving the comfort of the cities and therefore meeting some real characters.


Winemaker Victoria

Area: Beetletun Farms

Items: Bottle of Victoria’s Red Wine

Victoria’s dream of continuing her family’s legacy was shattered when Minister Caudecus instructed his guards to fall back as the centaurs attacked the family vineyard, and now he refuses to finance its reconstruction.

“I will have vengeance!”



Fiona Hastings

Area: Clayent Falls

Items: Raw Honey


“Bees are, at the very least, necessary.”

Reporter: “Can’t argue with that.”

Fiona: “But more than that, they’re divine. Close to the gods.”

Reporter: “Sure.”



Lodgemaster Carthage

Area: Queen’s Forest

Items: Strip of Boar Jerky

“Please take the jerky. I—I didn’t realize I’d have so much after slaying that giant boar.”

“The head looks nice.”

Carthage: “Yes, it does look very nice.”



Farmhand Paris

Area: Shaemoor Fields

ItemsBowl of Apple Sauce

Reporter: “Why don’t you sell apple pies?”

Paris: “It brings Eda so much joy to throw them in people’s faces. I can’t take that away from her. Also, she’s my boss.”



Kessex Hills

Sangdo Swiftwing

Area: Dominion Killing Zone

Items: Bananas in Bulk

Sangdo Swiftwing is a member of the Tengu race. Once you assist him against the Destroyers, he becomes a karma merchant.

Reporter: “Are bananas a big thing for birds?”

Sangdo: [pause] “The locals and my people are my priority. Why are you so concerned about the bananas I sell, out of everything?”

Reporter: “Never mind.”



Area: Giant’s Passage

Items: Stein of Celebratory Drink (once you return her daughter to her)

Reporter: “Do you ever attribute the constant loss of your daughter to your heavy drinking right after getting her back?”

Katerina: “I told her the field was dangerous. What do you suggest?”

Reporter: “Sobriety? Or perhaps a leash?”



Deputy Jenks

Area: Giant’s Passage

Items: Bowl of Overlake Soup, Black Beans in Bulk, Bananas in Bulk, Nutmeg Seeds in Bulk

“You here to volunteer?”

Reporter: “What’s in the Overlake Soup?”

Jenks: “Whatever I can spare, really. I’ve got nutmeg seeds, too.”

Reporter: “I’m sure there’s literally no use for those, at all.”

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