Farming: Fractal 40 – What Is It, What’s Recommended/Required and What/How Much Can You Make

There are multiple farms that have come and gone since the start of the game. The most prominent early on were the champ farms in Gendarran Fields and Frostgorge Sound, which have long since been made less viable. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to make gold and mats fast, which is what this occasional series on farming will cover. Starting off is Fractal 40, the Molten Boss fractal. Those who spend a good amount of time playing in fractals likely already know of the farm and have a general understanding of how it works, but this guide will go more in-depth on how to best prepare and the numbers behind how much you can earn out of it.

What Is the Fractal 40 Farm

Just like the boss fight with Captain Mai Trin, the Molten Boss fractal was taken from the end of a temporary dungeon available during one of the sections of Living Story season 1 and re-appropriated to fit in fractals. There are multiple reason Fractal 40 is more viable than the others; it’s fast, easy if everyone knows what to do and has big pay offs.

The fractal starts by fighting a champion molten effigy, halfway through the fight several molten alliance members will spawn. Upon defeating all enemies, the bridge leading to the bosses will form. After an unskippable cut-scene of the Molten Berserker and Firestorm’s entrance, phase one of the fight begins. The group will want to defeat the Berserker first, as it makes phase two significantly less tedious. The remaining boss will regain all hp and some of the abilities of the other boss.

Note, when fighting the Berserker in phase one, it is paramount all players stand near the boss, otherwise it will periodically teleport towards any distant player, making the fight last longer than it should. Upon winning, claim the loot from the chest, taking note of mats and gear obtained, along with the 3 fractal encryptions and 12 fractal relics; more on the last two items in the data section. Then, it’s as simple as returning to the Observatory, resetting the fractal and starting all over. A good group can blaze through the fractal in as little as 4-5 minutes, sometimes even faster, making up to 12 runs an hour.

What’s Recommended/Required

As a later fractal, it will require agony resistance, otherwise players melt faster than a stick of butter on the sun. The suggested resistance is 43, but it never hurts to have more. If using only +7 infusions (the cheapest anyone should go for if just starting out), one would need at least 7 infusion slots to meet the minimum requirement; only 5 slots when using +9, but are significantly more expensive. If short on ascended items or infusion slots, the best way to start is with rings, as they’er easy enough to obtain and can be cheaply upgraded in the Mystic Forge to add an additional infusion slot; so two rings make make up 4 slots. The cost is so low there’s no reason to not do it. Ascended back pieces can be upgraded with an extra slot similarly as well,. Accessories can be obtained by multiple vendors across Tyria using different currencies, such as laurels, guild commendations, map specific currencies, etc. All that should leave you anywhere between 7-8 infusion slots, even if you don’t have ascended armor.

Other than agony resistance, everything else is only recommended, as they make the farm run faster. Use any consumables that work with your build, along with mist potions, the increased dps allows each run to end more swiftly. Speaking of speed, many farms ask for chronos, ps warriors and eles, but again isn’t necessary. The only truly important things for running this farm is the agony resist and everyone having the ability to dish out decent dps, everything else is just meant to shave time off each run.

What/How Much You Can Make

Various crafting mats can be obtained from the boss chest, most notably lodestones, the mats can either be used to craft or sold for additional profit. Rares and exotic items are also fairly likely to drop; an exotic found in fractals cannot be sold on the trading post, but can be salvaged for a chance at that items inscription/insignia, which tend to sell for at least 1 gold each. On extremely rare occasions, an ascended weapon or armour piece with drop.

All that said, the real profit comes from the fractal encryptions and keys. As stated earlier, each boss run nets 3 encryptions, with keys either obtained by doing fractal dailies, buying them at for 3 relics + 30-40s or have around a 1/10 drop when opening an encryption. Buying keys from the fractal vendor resets daily, the first set of 30 is 30s, second set 35s silver and anything after 40s; don’t buy any after the second set, just wait for reset as earning are less likely. Fractal encryptions can be sold on the trading post, but it will likely be less earned when compared to just buying one key. If you already have keys and don’t want to farm for encryptions, buying them off the trading post is also acceptable. Also, never buy keys with matrices, never, just don’t do it!

Other than t5 mats, +1 infusions and the occasional extra keys, the money comes from the trophies for the Seeker of Lost Homework achievement. 1-2 always drop with sell-back ranging from 20-60s each; ending with the occasional loss of 10s, but with chances of also profiting 90s an encryption. When only buying either the encryption or key, not both, it is almost always worth it. Below is a chart I created after opening 36 encryption and chest items, along with average gold/hr.

Collected Data

After about an hour and a half, I was able to complete 12 runs of the farm, nearly a third of the time wasted on waiting for additional party members. Removing the time spent on clearing inventories and waiting for players, each run averaged around 4 min/run. I started the farm with a mostly empty inventory and 77g38s5c. This data will not include blues and greens, they were simple salvaged for space and their mats sent straight to storage. By the end of my 12 runs I accumulated: 11 rares, 4 exotics, 18 various cores, 3 various lodestones and 36 fractal encryptions; full data on chart listed below. Salvaging the rares and exotics netted: 20 ecto, 4 dark mater, 3 gossamer insignias and 1 imbued inscription.

Selling all the cores, lodestones, insignias and inscriptions provided a profit of 5g69s55c, this factoring trading post taxes and selling at buyer prices. Purchasing the 36 encryption keys from the vendor cost 7g 50s 24c. Opening all the chest net: 4 additional keys, 1 Professor Mew mini, 45 dragonite ore, 15 bloodstone dust, 60 empyreal fragments, 115 various t5 crafting mats and junk items which sold for 16g60s32c. So, from start to finish, I earned: 14g 79s 63c, 20 globs of ecto, some ascended crafting mats and 115 various t5 crafting mats.

I would normally sell the t5 mats, but it would’ve made collecting the data more tedious. Working with a solid group, with no breaks until the end of an hour, you can average around 15 runs/hr. Sadly, bad players and waiting for additional people can slow things down considerably, leaving you more likely to only get 10-12 runs/hr. Still, using the right methods of purchasing/using keys, using proper salvage kits on rare/exotic items and selling almost everything you get can leave you anywhere between 10-20g/hr.

*I completely forgot to keep track of +1 infusion, so that data is unavailable, my bad.*



First off, I apologize for any confusion in my explanation of the data, I’ll do my best to summarize. In short, Fractal 40 is one of the simplest and most profitable farms currently in the game, though it has a few short comings. Because it is a higher level fractal, players who have done little of the game-mode or have only a few ascended items won’t be able to run the farm until they lift themselves into a position to do so, which may require grinding for gear and money necessary to run the farm properly. Then, the issue arises for those new to the farm, as most fractal parties only look for those who already know what to do and will only do meta builds for the fastest possible runs. Because of the limited access to the farm and stingy vets unwilling to compromise their parties, it can take several minutes to get a full group going; even then, some people will quit after only one or two runs.

Cons aside, the farm is simple enough for most players to kick their minds into auto-pilot. So, you can simply watch a video or listen to a podcast off to the side. It’s a good way to pass the time and make money if you have nothing else to do. The profits are often large enough to offset time lost due to waiting on other players and dealing with those who are in-experienced.

If you have any questions about this farm or want to recommend an idea for future articles, please feel free to leave a comment below. You can also send us a tweet @AsuraNewsKrewe.

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