Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 2

We will no be discussing the contents of the recent expansion leaks in this podcast, we thought it best to do in a separate recording ,so people won’t get spoiled. Just to play it safe, it will not be shared on the website, our Twitter or Tumblr. If you are interested in hearing out thoughts about the leaks, then you can find it listed under episode 2.5 in our SoundCloud, Inquisitor Annon.


  • Living World S3E5 – Flashpoint


  • Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit
  • Vine-Touched Destroyer Backpack/Glider Combo
  • Replica Mirror of Lyssa
  • Several Returning Items

ANKR Articles

  • Merchants of Kryta, Part 2 (Queensdale, Kessex Hills)
  • Mabel, Chapter 4: The Danger is Here
  • Farming: Fractal 40 – What Is It, What’s Recommended/Required and What/How Much Can You Make

Our Gameplay

  • Michael
    • Flashpoint Gameplay
    • Farming Fractals
  • Alicia
    • Finishing Living World Season 2
    • Starting HoT story
    • Learning Gliding!


  • Expansion leaks/Community Reaction
    • Will cover the actual contents of the leaks in a separate recording.
  • Streams since April 24th

Lore Bits

  • Palawa Joko the Scourge of Vabbi

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