Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 3


Show Notes

  • Balance Patch (Only listing things I think are important)
    • Elementalist
      • Changes to Arcane Power majorly increased dps for condi (burn)
      • Base healing for Rebound up 33%.
    • Engineer
      • Changes to various skills and traits has further made condi play more accessible.
      • Turrets now overcharge as soon as they are deployed, allowing their toolbelt skills to be more available; which means they can only be overcharged the once.
        • Some turrets have had their cooldowns reduced to compensate for the loss.
      • Med Pack Drop, the toolbelt skill for the Supply Crate elite, will now remove all conditions on up to 5 allies.
      • There’s a condi build I found called the “Plebineer”, does good enough dps to not be shamed for using in raids and also not as complicated as the current meta.
    • Guardian
      • Some signet buffs, cooldown/cast-time reduction to some skills.
    • Mesmer
      • More buffs (are there ever any nerfs?)
      • Phantasms now apply additional conditions. Why?
      • Power-based shatter builds are even stronger. Again, why?
    • Necromancer (got a lot to say here cause I’ve lived the changes)
      • Mixed bag of good and bad (not happy about epi changes); major change to elite skill, Plaguelands.
      • Various improvements to greatsword skills.
      • Plaguelands now acts like a well, but is still a corruption.
      • Has only a 240 radius (tiny), applies a new condition every second for 10 seconds, along with each previous set of conditions per pulse.
        • Works great, as long as the enemy remains still, but if they do it’s a decent dps boost compared to Lich Form and Flesh Golem.
      • Epidemic no longer instantaneously applies target’s conditions to nearby enemies; instead sending up to 5 slow moving orbs that will apply conditions if they hit target. (Claim previous iteration took a “heavy toll” on the servers.)
        • Still has a cast time, so there’s a long wait before conditions are applied and based on my experience, still doesn’t apply all the conditions like it should; the seems to me the skill is still extremely buggy.
          • It’s practically unreliable now.
        • Ranger
          • Slightly reduced dps for sylvari condi builds, but not major from what I’m told; buffed shortbow/axe/sword, as they aren’t really used.
        • Revenant
          • Don’t know much, but condi-rev is a thing now.
        • Thief
          • Tons of changes I know nothing about; from what I heard, good buff to condi.
        • Warrior
          • Nerf to the current stronger skills, while buffing weaker ones; don’t think it compensates evenly though.
          • Healing Signet has been nerfed again, this time just in PvP, with a 10% healing reduction.
        • Movement Based (Wiggle) Foods
          • Effectiveness of all movement based consumables have been cut in half.
          • ANet claimed it had a “negative impact on the health of the game (and its players).”
            • Which, if that was the case, why not buff some other foods instead of further lowering the dps of all power builds, as they were the best foods. So, bullshit.
  • June Competitive Feature Patch
    • WvW – June 6th
      • Improved LFG (Why? No one uses it.)
        • Shows 3 available squads/parties in UI on side of the screen. (Again, why? No one uses it to begin with.)
      • Making Skirmishes “Fun and Rewarding” w/ New UI and Rewards (Provide little context.)
        • We’ve waited how long for a WvW update and this is all we can expect? Seriously? Who knows, maybe it’ll be bigger and better, but ANet’s track record says otherwise.
    • PvP Season 7 – June 13th
      • Still no tournament for WvW since March 28th
    • PvP – June 20th
      • Automated Tournaments
        • 3 Daily Tournaments to Attempt to Qualify for Monthly Tournament
      • New Custom Arena Map for 2v2
      • Brand new PvP lobby.
      • So, PvP has more announced improvements than WvW, as usual.


  • Unbound Magic Gathering Tools
  • Menzie’s Agony Greatsword
  • Outlaw Appearance Pack *currently only obtainable in pack
    • Outlaw Outfit
    • Mini Outlaw Puppy
    • *Choice of Immortal Weapon Skin
    • Total Makeover Kit
    • *5 Solar/Lunar Dye Kits
  • Some Returning Items
  • Other Stuff from Balance Patch I Forgot

ANKR Articles

  • None as of making these notes. We’ve been pretty busy. I did draw Annon though. :/

Our Gameplay

  • Michael
    • After the recent changes, I was essentially pressured, for the 3rd major balance patch in a row to complete change my main profession and/or how I play. (reiterate epi changes)
    • First juggled between either condi ranger or engi, eventually deciding on ranger, but later moved to a new ele after a minor skill change that ended up majorly boosting dps.
    • But I forgot elementalists are glass cannons, so I sucked up how bad epi was (they sort of fixed some issues); I still plan on working towards ascended medium armour for future use, just in case.
    • Met a nice enemy mesmer in WvW from Fort Aspenwood, we chatted a bit, I enjoyed the break. Went to tweet about it, but kept auto-correcting mesmers to new meta, asodgfjhaora.
  • Alicia
    • Still catching up on Heart of Thorns and Living Story; hopefully finished by next the podcast.


  • Michael
    • Been getting back into MightyTeapot recently; enjoy his content and conversations about the game, but I think they drag on a bit.
    • Also rewatched some Nisha the Medicat; love those video, I recommend anyone that hasn’t watched it before to look it up.
  • Alicia
    • Watch more streams. (I didn’t get the notes back from her, so you’ll just have to listen to the episode.)

Lore Bits

  • Skritt: A Love/Hate Relationship

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