Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 4


June Competitive Feature Patch

  • WvW – June 6th
    • Improved LFG (M: Something no WvWer asked for or uses.)
      • Shows 3 available squads/parties in UI on side of the screen. (M: Was annoying, as it popped up every time I used a waypoint, so turned it off almost immediately.)
    • Making Skirmishes “Fun and Rewarding” w/ New UI and Rewards (M: All they did was add yet another broken reward system on top of an already existing broken reward system.)
    • Added a legendary backpiece and ascended armour, unique to WvW. (M: Things we should’ve had a long time ago.)
      • M: We’ve waited how long for a WvW update and this is all we got? Seriously? Who knows, maybe it’ll be bigger and better, but ANet’s track record says otherwise.

As PvP is more Alicia’s area of expertise, I don’t plan on going into detail about the changes until she’s back, unless you have an opinion on it.


  • Fuzzy Aurene Hat
  • Mini Plush Aurene
  • God-Slayer Bow Pack (Bows featuring charr design elements.)
  • Sport Sunglasses (In case you feel like giving one liners.)

ANKR Articles

  • WvW is Still Not Fixed

Our Gameplay

  • Michael
    • I really focused on WvW for the first two weeks, but then got extremely bored and depressed with it as no meaningful changes were made. We’ve waited so long for an update to WvW and once again there was only enough to keep avid WvWers from rioting.
    • Thought I’d work towards the WvW ascended armour, but it’s actually more expensive AND time consuming compared to crafting a regular set. So, now I’ve moved over to other areas of the game where I can earn gold much faster than WvW to get it, which is a shame.
    • At the very least, I did get a huge amount of siege decorations for the guild hall, so now it doesn’t look empty anymore. At least there’s that.

Lore Bits

  • An arcane crystal, the Golem’s Eye, created by the ancient golemancer Blimm, which would use any suitable material in its surrounding area to form a guardian golem. The formed golem take the shape of something similar to a krait, but will fall apart once the Eye’s energy is drain; though the crystal does have the ability to recharge itself while inactive.
    • Stolen from Blimm’s tomb, the Eye eventually found itself in Ascalon, in the hands of an asuran engineer, Kranxx. To prevent the ghost of King Adelbern from destroying his companions, he used the Eye to create a massive golem using nearly every bone in the ruined city and crashing it into the deceased king. Kranxx is believed dead, the whereabouts and condition of the Golem’s Eye unknown.

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