No Options for Guild Halls

Guild Wars 2 has been out for almost 5 years now and guilds/guild halls are still stale. I have many issues with guild halls, which can be read here, here and here, so why not write another? While the other articles are more focused on specific subjects, this is mostly a series of points I wanted to make on current areas guild halls are lacking and what I’d like to see added/changed.

Quality of Life

  • We need that ability to change guild names and tags; seriously, they haven’t added it to the game yet.
  • For the love of good, we need a trading post, as well as the other crafting stations; I’m personally tired of always having to go back-and-forth to Lion’s Arch.
  • Scribing costs are still need to be reduced, you can’t make any decent decorations without them being extremely expensive, even in comparison to other MMOs.


  • Additional NPCs should be injected into guild halls as they’re upgraded, to make them feel more used and active.
    • It’s more for visual purposes, but thought it was an interesting idea.
      • Possibly even have NPCs as decorations we can place around.
  • We need more maps; right now there’s only wet cave and desert canyon.
  • Future halls should be smaller in scale; not tiny, but enough to allow more time to create a larger variety of guild halls.
    • Current guild halls are too massive; too much unnecessary space for large guilds and way too much for smaller guilds.
  • Racial themes would be a nice treat as well, similar to player homes, but slightly larger in; comfortable enough for small-medium guilds.


  • There need to be way more decorations available and at cheaper costs; there’re numerous assests currently available in the game, why don’t we have access to them?
    • Decorations could use assests from the various races, organizations, etc.
    • The recent addition to siege is a good step in the right direction.
  • With all the empty space in the HoT guild halls, it would be nice to have building structure decorations; they could be used to fill up the extra space and even turn a hall into a sort of housing area for members.
    • Or instead of as decorations, they could be added to the upgrade system, like the tavern or war room are; that way housing would fit a guild hall’s theme if you were to change halls.

I know there’s not a lot here, but I needed to add something to the website and I’m exhausted too boot. Even if the more minor stuff, like ambient NPCs and a trading post were to be added, I’d at be pleased for a while. At the very least, we need better options come the next expansion.

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