Deadeye Summary

Mark and Rifle Skills

  • Deadeye’s Mark [F1]: Mark a single target to generate stacks of malice over time. Malice generates faster and increases your damage against the marked target as long as you have recently struck it. Loses all malice when the mark ends or this skill is recast.
  • Brutal Aim [1a]: Fire a shot that inflicts vulnerability on your target. Applies additional vulnerability when used against your marked target.
    • Deadly Aim [1b]: Kneel. Fire a shot that inflicts vulnerability on your target. Applies additional vulnerability against your marked target.
      • Cursed Bullet [1c]: Stealth Attack. Fire a cursed bullet that tracks your target and converts its boons into conditions. Deals increased damage while kneeling.
  • Skirmisher’s Shot [2a]: Fire a bullet that inflicts conditions on your target and grants you a boon.
    • Spotter’s Shot [2b]: Kneel. Fire a bullet that grants you boons and inflicts conditions on your target.
  • Double Tap [3a]: Fire two bullets that grant might if they hit your target.
    • Three Round Burst [3b]: Kneel. Fire three bullets that grant might if they hit your target.
  • Death’s Retreat [4a]: Shadowstep backwards and lose conditions. Poison foes at your target location.
    • Death’s Judgment [4b]: Kneel. Fire a shot that deals increased damage based on your number of malice stacks. This attack reveals you.
  • Sniper’s Cover [5a]: Become stealthed and immobile and gain access to kneel skills, which have increased projectile velocity. You can still dodge roll while kneeling. Kneel is canceled if you swap weapons or become disabled.
    • Free Action [5b]: Kneel. Cancel kneeling and move freely. Remove conditions


  • [U]Shadow Gust: Deals minimal damage and 450 range knockback, if target is marked, they are launched instead. Grants stealth. Target cap 5.
  • [U]Blinding Shadow: Immobilizes target after delay, if target is marked, they are knock down for 3s instead. Applies a 10% condition duration debuff to target, 2 poison stacks, and 15 vulnerability stacks.
  • [U]Mercy: Removes mark from target, but resets the cooldown of mark, and grants a small amount of initiative.
  • [U]Shadow Flare: Places a ground-targeted, 1200 range, 240 radius pulsing well. This skill can be reactivated to swap your position with the position of the well.
  • [E]Shadow Meld: Removes the revealed effect and grants stealth for two seconds. This skill can be used twice before it goes on a 45s cooldown.



  • Deadeye Mark: Replaces steal, marks a target of your choosing and steals a skill from them. This mark does not shadowstep you to the target, but otherwise functions as steal, and interacts with traits as if it were steal. Grants malice against your marked target per attack done, adding 3% damage per stack, with a maximum of 7 stacks if traited.
  • Renewing Gaze: Grants regeneration and a shorter cooldown on Mark if your marked target is killed.
  • Perfectionist: Grants a large amount of boons while your malice is at maximum.


  • Revealed Malice: being revealed grants 3 stacks of might and 1 stack of malice.
  • Iron Sights: Damage from marked targets is reduced by a small percent per stack of malice.
  • One In the Chamber: When you cast a cantrip, you gain a new stolen skill.


  • Silent Scope: Changes the rifle 5 skill to Silent Scope, granting stealth, 20% increased critical chance with rifle skills, and increased rifle projectile speed.
  • Unforgiving: Your first attack against a newly marked target stuns for 1s.
  • Peripheral Vision: Using a stolen skill applies boons and conditions to enemies around your marked target.


  • Maleficent Seven: Increase the maximum amount of malice stacks to 7. When you gain maximum malice, you heal for a small amount.
  • Be Quick or Be Killed: Grants quickness, 200 power, and 200 precision when you mark a target.
  • Fire for Effect: Using a stolen skill against a marked target grants 10 stacks of might to allies around the target. Target cap 10.

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