How Balthazar May Plan to Kill Kralkatorrik and is it Possible that Snaff Still Lives?

In the launch trailer released the day before Path of Fire, Rytlock says, “I fear he may get the weapon, if he does, the consequences will be unpredictable.” It can be assumed he is referring to a crystalline spear given to him by Glint, which took place in Edge of Destiny, 5 years before the Personal Story. The spear was carved from part of Kralkatorrik spine, one of the few weapons in existence capable to pierce the hide of an Elder Dragon. The spear remains in the crater where the dragon fell when the asura, Snaff, battled its mind; tragically, he died before the deed was done, leaving Rytlock unable to slay the beast. It is likely Balthazar will seek out this weapon and use it to kill Kralkatorrik and absorb its released magic power.


In the book, Edge of Destiny, Snaff used a device of his own design to mentally battle Kralkatorrik. While he succeeded in making the Elder Dragon vulnerable, Snaff was killed by its minions before the dragon could be slain. The loss of both Snaff and Glint, along with Logan Thackeray’s desertion, caused Destiny’s Edge to break apart. But as the headline says, is Snaff still alive?

Since Snaff was directly connected to that of the dragon’s, it may be possible for his mind to still be intact, inside Kralkatorrik, despite the loss of his body. If this were the case, Snaff would have been mentally trapped with an Elder Dragon for over a decade, there would be no telling if he would have been able keep his composure or go mad. Even still, if we were to discover this truth, how could we get him out without a surrogate body? In one of the asuran personal story steps, we discover that it is possible for one’s intelligence to be transferred into a golem, so that option is available.

Snaff’s continuing clash with Kralkatorrik would also be a reasonable explanation as to why the dragon hasn’t continued spreading its influence across Tyria, as it’s too focused fighting off a ‘headache’. Sadly, as much as I enjoy the concept, it is highly unlikely to be incorporated into the story for various reasons, but it would be even more reason for players to want to prevent Kralkatorrik’s death. It’s still an interesting theory to mull over, much like whatever happened to Malyck or the tree he came from, we’ll likely never truly know.

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