WvW is Still Not Fixed

I’ve played WvW casually on/off in the past, enough to get to rank 196 before the update. I never invested my time there because it was barely fun, your only options to roam aimlessly on your own or with a zerg. The update peeked my interest, as there hasn’t been one in an extremely, extremely … Continue reading WvW is Still Not Fixed

Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NETydEc7Vpw We will no be discussing the contents of the recent expansion leaks in this podcast, we thought it best to do in a separate recording ,so people won't get spoiled. Just to play it safe, it will not be shared on the website, our Twitter or Tumblr. If you are interested in hearing out … Continue reading Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 2

Update Summary: May 2nd/Flashpoint

Updates 5th episode of the living story has released, Flashpoint. Story continues off previous episode's revelation that Lazarus the Dire, is in fact, an impostor. Begins with a visit to Rata Novus, leading to the newest map, Draconis Mons. New legendary torch, Flames of War. Legendary armour is now available. Runes and agony can be … Continue reading Update Summary: May 2nd/Flashpoint

Farming: Fractal 40 – What Is It, What’s Recommended/Required and What/How Much Can You Make

There are multiple farms that have come and gone since the start of the game. The most prominent early on were the champ farms in Gendarran Fields and Frostgorge Sound, which have long since been made less viable. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to make gold and mats fast, which is what this occasional series … Continue reading Farming: Fractal 40 – What Is It, What’s Recommended/Required and What/How Much Can You Make

Merchants of Kryta, Part 2 (Queensdale, Kessex Hills)

Our reporter returns to the field to assess the non-standard vendors of Kryta, slowly leaving the comfort of the cities and therefore meeting some real characters. Queensdale Winemaker Victoria Area: Beetletun Farms Items: Bottle of Victoria's Red Wine Victoria’s dream of continuing her family’s legacy was shattered when Minister Caudecus instructed his guards to fall back … Continue reading Merchants of Kryta, Part 2 (Queensdale, Kessex Hills)

Super Adventure Box 2017

It's April, which means the Super Adventure Box has made its return. SAB is probably the most anticipated of all the major holiday events in the game. In years past, when the event wasn't re-released, chanting and shouting and rioting would take place in Rata Sum. Thankfully, the devs since decided to release SAB every year, … Continue reading Super Adventure Box 2017

Elder Dragons; Power: A Vicious Cycle of Growth

The asuran researcher, Professor Gorr, once attributed recent drops in ambient magic to the elder dragons, believing them to devour and destroy it; though we now know this to not be wholly true. Records recovered from the previous rise of the elder dragons do in fact say the dragons consume magical energy, but once all magic on Tyria has … Continue reading Elder Dragons; Power: A Vicious Cycle of Growth