How Balthazar May Plan to Kill Kralkatorrik and is it Possible that Snaff Still Lives?

In the launch trailer released the day before Path of Fire, Rytlock says, “I fear he may get the weapon, if he does, the consequences will be unpredictable.” It can be assumed he is referring to a crystalline spear given to him by Glint, which took place in Edge of Destiny, 5 years before the Personal Story. The … Continue reading How Balthazar May Plan to Kill Kralkatorrik and is it Possible that Snaff Still Lives?

Firebrand Summary

Tomes There’re full sets of skills for each tome upon activation, but not all the information is available and I’m lazy, so, yeah. Tome of Justice [F1]: Virtue: Burn foes every few attacks. Activate: Pull forth a magical tome on the dangers of the blazing heat in Kourna. Tome of Resolve [F2]: Virtue: Regenerate health. … Continue reading Firebrand Summary

Holosmith Summary

Photon Forge Becomes available upon activating elite tool belt skill. Light Strike [1-1]: Swing a holographic blade. Bright Slash [1-2]: Slash with a blade of light energy. Flash Cutter [1-3]: Cleave through all foes in front of you twice. Holo Leap [2]: Create a holographic launch pad and leap to your foe. The pad remains … Continue reading Holosmith Summary

Scourge Summary

Shade Manifest Sand Shade [1]: Manifest a sand shade using some of your life force. Whenever you use a shade ability, you and your sand shades strike nearby foes. Nefarious Favor [2]: You and your shade convert conditions from nearby allies into boons. Sand Cascade [3]: Sand rises up near you and your shades to … Continue reading Scourge Summary

Weaver Summary

  Utilities/Elite Aquatic Stance [H]: Stance. Striking a foe causes water to erupt from them, healing your nearby allies. Stone Resonance [U]: Stance. Enter an earthen stance, gaining barrier periodically over the course of the stance. Primordial Stance [U]: Stance. Channel the prime elements at their core, dealing damage based on your current attunements. Fully … Continue reading Weaver Summary