Holosmith Summary

Photon Forge Becomes available upon activating elite tool belt skill. Light Strike [1-1]: Swing a holographic blade. Bright Slash [1-2]: Slash with a blade of light energy. Flash Cutter [1-3]: Cleave through all foes in front of you twice. Holo Leap [2]: Create a holographic launch pad and leap to your foe. The pad remains … Continue reading Holosmith Summary

Scourge Summary

Shade Manifest Sand Shade [1]: Manifest a sand shade using some of your life force. Whenever you use a shade ability, you and your sand shades strike nearby foes. Nefarious Favor [2]: You and your shade convert conditions from nearby allies into boons. Sand Cascade [3]: Sand rises up near you and your shades to … Continue reading Scourge Summary

Weaver Summary

  Utilities/Elite Aquatic Stance [H]: Stance. Striking a foe causes water to erupt from them, healing your nearby allies. Stone Resonance [U]: Stance. Enter an earthen stance, gaining barrier periodically over the course of the stance. Primordial Stance [U]: Stance. Channel the prime elements at their core, dealing damage based on your current attunements. Fully … Continue reading Weaver Summary

Deadeye Summary

Mark and Rifle Skills Deadeye’s Mark [F1]: Mark a single target to generate stacks of malice over time. Malice generates faster and increases your damage against the marked target as long as you have recently struck it. Loses all malice when the mark ends or this skill is recast. Brutal Aim [1a]: Fire a shot … Continue reading Deadeye Summary

Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWsYODunhS4 Updates June Competitive Feature Patch WvW – June 6th Improved LFG (M: Something no WvWer asked for or uses.) Shows 3 available squads/parties in UI on side of the screen. (M: Was annoying, as it popped up every time I used a waypoint, so turned it off almost immediately.) Making Skirmishes “Fun and Rewarding” … Continue reading Asura News Krewe Radio – Episode 4

No Options for Guild Halls

Guild Wars 2 has been out for almost 5 years now and guilds/guild halls are still stale. I have many issues with guild halls, which can be read here, here and here, so why not write another? While the other articles are more focused on specific subjects, this is mostly a series of points I … Continue reading No Options for Guild Halls

WvW is Still Not Fixed

I’ve played WvW casually on/off in the past, enough to get to rank 196 before the update. I never invested my time there because it was barely fun, your only options to roam aimlessly on your own or with a zerg. The update peeked my interest, as there hasn’t been one in an extremely, extremely … Continue reading WvW is Still Not Fixed